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Lakeshore Law Center credit repair

Are you a California resident and do you have persistent black marks* on your credit report such as collections or charge offs?  Or even if you live in another state, is the creditor or collection agency based in California?

Have you exhausted efforts like disputing the debt and contacting the credit bureaus and creditors?  If so, it may be time bring out the heavy guns and solve your problems. Stay aways from crooked or useless credit repair organizations.  We are not a credit repair organization.  We are a real law firm that really goes to court.

*A "black mark" is an entry on your credit report which we have determined violates California's Credit Reporting Law and can be the subject of a lawsuit.

What We Do

We are the Lakeshore Law Center, headed by Jeffrey Wilens, a real attorney with 25 years of litigation experience.  We don't waste time with phone calls and letters; we go to court and sue to remove the black marks*.  We are not a bunch of non-lawyers or a credit repair "mill" that cannot get the job done.  We will remove those black marks* and we guarantee favorable results.

That's right, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee if we are not successful in removing the black mark*.

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Attorney Jeffrey Wilens

Dedicated to fighting fraud, false advertising and abuse by corporations - We stand for the “little guy” (and gal). Our clients are victims of wrongdoing throughout the United States.

Special Announcement:  Money-Back Guaranteed Debt Removal from Credit Reports now available from

Lakeshore Law Center
18340 Yorba Linda Blvd
Suite 107-610
Yorba Linda, CA 92886-4058
Phone: (714) 854-7205
Fax: (714) 854-7206

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About the Lakeshore Law Center

Founded in 1992 by U. C. Berkeley (Boalt Law School) graduate Jeffrey Wilens, the Law Center has successfully prosecuted numerous class and individual actions against payday loan companies, creditors, automobile dealerships, lending institutions, timeshare marketers, and other businesses for racketeering, consumer fraud, false advertising, unfair business practices, credit reporting and debt collection violations.

Typically, Mr. Wilens will represent the consumer in his or her dispute with the business for a small or no initial fee, and will thereafter pursue litigation as necessary on a contingency fee basis. If the consumer is successful, he or she will usually be reimbursed for any initial legal fees.

Examples of actual and potential recoveries by consumers can be found in the pending lawsuits and successful cases sections. It can be seen that the individual consumer can receive significant monetary compensation even in the case of relatively modest damages. Moreover, most consumer protection laws authorize a separate award of attorney's fees, which maximizes the consumer's recovery.

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