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Lakeshore Law Center some pending or recent cases

Lakeshore Law Center some pending or recent cases



•Lawsuits against payday and installment loan lenders such as Cash America and Check N' Go.  Go to this web page for details. 

•United Law Group is being sued for illegal practices in connection with its loan modification services.  United Law Group failed in its efforts to have the case dismissed but has now filed bankruptcy.  We have permission from the Bankruptcy Court to pursue a judgment against United Law Group and are also proceeding against the former owners and managers. The lawsuit is now approved to proceed as a Class Action on behalf of 5,000+ victims.  Check this web page for important news.

•Bankers Warranty Group and related companies, which provide extended warranties on home electronics, was sued for failing to honor the warranties or service contracts.

•Equity Trust, Sterling Trust and Trust Administration Services are being sued for mishandling IRA accounts allowing Bernie Madoff-type Ponzi schemes to flourish.

•Extra Space Storage and Storage USA are being sued for illegally selling California tenants' property.

•Evergreen Royalle Motel is being sued for forcing tenants in California to move out illegally every 28 days.  A monetary settlement is pending.  Go to this web page for important news.

•American Laser Centers was sued in California for illegally conducting unsupervised laser skin treatments and refusing to give refunds for unused services.  A monetary settlement for thousands of patients was obtained.  Go this web pagefor important news.  

•RCI, the time share exchange service, is being sued for breach of contract in connection with its practice of renting out vacation slots for its personal profit instead of making them available to members for exchange.

•Delta Airlines was sued in California for advertising low fares and then refusing to honor them after the customer purchase the ticket.

•Verizon was sued for falsely advertising consumers will get up to a certain download speed on DSL modems, even when it is not possible for them to get that speed.

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